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Roger Russell, PhD Part-Time Lecturer of Management

Ph: 506-858-8970 Ext. 395
Email: Roger.Russell@crandallu.ca

Dr. Roger Russell started out in Toronto as the fourth son to parents of Quebec and Nova Scotia roots. Roger enjoys his cross border ways to this day as he works in New Brunswick and lives in Nova Scotia. At Crandall, Roger currently teaches OM6023 (Managing Organizations across Borders and Cultures); OM4904 (Applied Research Project); and OM3113 (Issues in Management).

Dr. Russell holds a PhD in Business (International Management) from Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia, a Master of Business Administration (Management & Marketing) from Saint Mary’s University, and a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Agricultural Economics & Rural Development) from the University of Guelph. Roger also has a Diploma in University Teaching from the University of New Brunswick and a Degree Diploma from Dalhousie University Faculty of Agriculture.

Roger highly values his extensive employment background across several industries over the past forty years. His body of work includes significant experience in research and product development, sales, marketing, credit, finance, human resources, international project management, and general management. Over these years, he has been employed in several industries (agricultural, food service, banking, international development, public service, academia) while proudly working in five Canadian provinces (Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick) and three countries (Indonesia, Haiti, and Canada).


In addition to teaching at Crandall University,  Dr. Russell has taught at Dalhousie University, Mount Allison University, Mount Saint Vincent University, and Lansbridge University. Roger has taught numerous courses including Intercultural Management, International Management, Issues in Management, Managing Organizations across Borders and Cultures, Applied Research Project, Marketing Management, Sales Force Management, Human Resource Management, and Advertising Theory & Practice.

As a teacher, Roger believes it is necessary to be flexible by creating learning opportunities using various instructional approaches. A professor should have a variety of skills to be able to implement different teaching and learning strategies in many situations. These strategies should interest, motivate, and challenge the student. Roger likes to create a relaxed and non-threatening learning environment that encourages active participation in the topic. Everyone has something significant to share. It is important that people feel comfortable in sharing whatever is on their minds. He believes that we all can learn from each other’s life experiences.


Dr. Russell has been married to Dr. Catherine Aquino-Russell (Professor of Nursing at University of New Brunswick) for over thirty-five years. They have two daughters, Catrina Russell-Dolan (married to Luke) and Dr. Allison Bernardi (married to Daniel). Catrina graduated from Crandall with a Master of Organizational Management degree and works for the New Brunswick Provincial Museum. In this role, Catrina serves as the Program Coordinator for New Brunswick’s Stonehammer UNESCO Global Geopark. Allison holds a Doctor of Chiropractic from the New York Chiropractic College and owns and practices at Russell Chiropractic & Family Wellness in Sackville, NB.  Most importantly, Catherine and Roger are the proud grandparents of 3 little grandsons- Lukas, Matas, and Jake.


BSc (Hons), University of Guelph
MBA, Saint Mary’s University
PhD, Curtin University of Technology

Courses Taught

  • Managing Organizations across Borders and Cultures
  • Applied Research Project
  • Issues in Management


Dr. Russell’s research interest and expertise is focused on international/intercultural management issues as first evidenced in his doctoral research dissertation: “Expatriate Managers’ Immersion in another Culture: A Phenomenological Study of Lived Experiences.” Roger’s recent publications in Refereed Journals/Books follow:

Russell, R., & Aquino-Russell, C. (2013). Indonesian host country nationals: Feeling respected yet not respected. International Journal of Management & Information Systems, 17(1), 21-28

Russell, R., & Aquino-Russell, C. (2012). A study of Indonesian host country nationals’ perspectives: What expatriates should know. International Journal of Management & Information Systems, 16(3), 203-213

Aquino-Russell, C., Russell, R., Russell, A., & Russell, C. (2012). My baby bird – living with type 1 diabetes – A phenomenological analysis. American Journal of Health Sciences, 3(4), 239-246

Russell, R., & Aquino-Russell, C. (2011). Living and working between two worlds: Using qualitative phenomenological findings to enhance understanding of lived experiences. Chapter for the book: Mariano, S., Mohamed, M. & Mohiuddin, Q. (Eds). The role of multi-national corporations’ knowledge mobilization, Emerald: UK.

Russell, R., & Aquino-Russell, C. (2010). Expatriate managers: Powerful or powerless? International Journal of Business & Economics Research, 2(2), 101-108

Aquino-Russell, C., & Russell, R. (2009). Immersion in another culture: Paradoxical experiences considered for teachers and students in university classrooms..Journal of Contemporary Issues in Education Research, 2(4), 77-86

Russell, R., & Dickie, L. (2007). “Paradoxical experiences of expatriate managers in Indonesia”. Journal of Diversity Management, 2(1), 17-28

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