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Worship Arts Program Requirements

In addition to in-class instruction, students wishing to pursue a minor in Worship arts will take part in practical training and experience fulfilled through participation within different musical worship teams on campus, ‘on the road’, and within local churches.

Minor (BA, BBA, BSc)

Minor in Worship Arts is 21 credit hours earned as follows:

  • 3 from WM3063
  • 3 from WM3173 or RS3403
  • 3 from WM3363
  • 1 from WM1001
  • 1 from WM2001
  • 1 from WM3001
  • 1 from WM3002
  • 1 from WM4001
  • 1 from WM4002

Choose one combination list, either music or drama:


  • 3 from MU1243
  • 3 from MU1403


  • 3 from CO2113
  • 3 from CO3133

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