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Understand how the body moves

Kinesiology is the study of human movement, and its goal is to discover strategies to improve human health, performance, and the overall human experience. From an understanding of both anatomy and the way the parts of the body interact with each other and their surroundings, Kinesiology teaches us how to optimize our activity, prevent (and recover from) injuries, and improve our quality of life.

Program Highlights

  • Focus on human movement and operations, biomechanics, motor control, and more.
  • Discover strategies to improve health, fitness, performance, and overall experience.
  • Use your own athletic pursuits as a learning tool for understanding and improving physical performance and development.

Career Outlook

Alongside the critical thinking, research, writing, and interpersonal skills gained through Liberal Arts studies, Kinesiology students gain knowledge and skills to prepare them for a variety of career paths and further education, including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, healthcare, fitness, education, and more!

Faculty highlight

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Kinesiology FAQ

  • Why does Crandall offer BA in Kin, while other schools provide a BKin or BscKin?

Kinesiology programs across Canada are credibly offered and recognized as majors in either Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degrees. Students in New Brunswick have the opportunity to pursue a major in Kinesiology as part of a Bachelor of Science degree while attending a NB university. Crandall University provides students the opportunity to complete a major in Kinesiology as part of a Bachelor of Arts degree while studying at a NB university.

  • Why should a student take our program?

Across all of our programs, Crandall students benefit from a lower student-to-instructor ratio, and, considering the “hands-on” nature of the kinesiology major, a lower student-to-instructor ratio will mean that kinesiology students at Crandall will receive an experience that is strongly individualized.

  • Will this program be accredited and open doors for further study/graduate programs at other institutions?

When designing the major in Kinesiology, Crandall was in contact with graduate programs offered at Universities within Atlantic and Central Canada including professional graduate programs like physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and kinesiology. As a result of this communication, we were given full confidence that graduates (who fulfilled the requirements for admission) from the Bachelor of Arts degree in Kinesiology at Crandall would qualify to participate in the competitive admissions processes for these programs.

  • What does the Academic Office perceive this program will give students?

Like all of the undergraduate degree programs offered under the auspices of a Christian Liberal Arts experience at Crandall University, we believe one of the most valuable outcomes achieved by a student is the ability to effectively apply critical thinking to life, work, and personal situations. In addition to that, graduates from the Kinesiology program will understand and use the principles of exercise and nutrition to advise and design effective programs for either health and wellness or athletic performance. Crandall Kinesiology graduates will also be able to consider professional graduate programs that will help enhance their certifications and opportunities for employment within the spectrum of service offered across the health and wellness sector or athletic performance industries.

  • Are there laboratory opportunities available for hands-on experience?

Kinesiology is a “hands-on” major with several courses requiring students to understand and use equipment related to health, wellness, and athletic performance. That being said, Crandall offers a laboratory space, equipped with new fitness-related equipment, where Kinesiology students can do just that. In addition, students will be able to use participation in specific sport-related activities as a direct part of their completion of this program.

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