Travel Guide for International Students

Coming from abroad

Crandall University is excited to welcome our international students travelling to Moncton, New Brunswick. We encourage all students to understand as much as possible about the procedures required for travelling internationally.

Travelling to Canada

Ensure you are registered for your courses

  • Only students who are registered for courses will be eligible to study at Crandall University.
  • Registration requests are sent out by email approximately 2-months prior to the beginning of your program.
  • Contact us at international@crandallu.ca for more information or to check your status.

Arrange housing

Arrange travel

  • Crandall University is located in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. Travelers may fly into the Romeo Leblanc International Airport (YQM).
  • Students are encouraged not to travel to Canada more than 4-weeks before their first class. Canada Border Services may reject entry if arriving too early.
  • Students are required to attend orientation sessions prior to beginning their program. Dates will be emailed to all new students in advance of the start of term.
  • Students should have some Canadian currency with them to pay for a Taxi from the airport to their accommodations.

Gather documents supporting essential travel

Please ensure you have the following documentation with you when travelling:

  • A valid passport
  • A temporary resident visa, if required
  • An introduction letter (from the visa office that approved your study permit application), if required
  • Your letter of acceptance and any registration documents.
  • Your address in Canada (where you will be living).
  • Proof of adequate funds ($10,000 CDN minimum).
  • Proof of personal travel insurance (Insurance provided by the university will be active on the first day of classes).
  • Medical exam results, if required

Arriving in Canada

  • Please let us know you have arrived safely! Email international@crandallu.ca once you are settled
  • Attend our on-campus Orientation Sessions (dates to be determined)
    • Bring your Study Permit to the Orientation Session; you will need to show it to the Registrar’s Office
  • A local phone number is great to have; pick up a new SIM card for your phone from a local provider.
  • Explore the city of Moncton! We hope you’ll enjoy your new home while you are studying with us!

Additional Resources

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Travel Guidelines – Government of Canada

Visit Crandall University

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